At Boji Skincare we understand that our bodies are unique and organic and in order to support  our health, protection and beauty, we must use clean, organic ingredients.  We handcraft our products from the purest, organic, fair-trade ingredients selected from U.S. companies.  Our goal is to bring you a product that manages your skin and the aging process naturally and safely with ingredients that supply your skin with elements necessary for renewal and healthy maintenance.  There are NO artificial chemicals in any of our products:  NO sulfates, parabens, alcohol or toxic chemicals.  Gluten-free.

Boji Skincare was started in response to the difficulty of finding 'clean' products.  Once I discovered that 'organic' and 'natural' have no legal meaning and can be used as a label on any product, I began the process of research and formulation.  I  have worked with people throughout the industry that were interested in finding organic, sustainable solutions for products we put on our bodies, sometimes multiple times a day. 


Our skin is our largest organ and it takes only 26 seconds for the solutions we apply to reach our blood stream (think hormones and hormone patches, nicotine patches, etc.).  In this world we are bombarded with pollutants we can't control, but what we use on our bodies is our choice, and I wanted to produce the cleanest, most efficacious products I could.  Hence, the beginning of Boji Skincare


My belief is that the main essential we are missing in our food system these days is natural minerals, and that is the basis of Boji's products.  The assumption behind the formulations is that when you put them on, you also put them in, and they must serve your health as well as you beauty. So...Be Beautiful, Naturally.  I look forward to hearing from you throughout our journey toward healthy choices!

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